In the past, preparing a site for above ground storage tank placement included pea gravel installation. While this method appeared more cost effective, over time the gravel was inevitably exposed to leaks and spills. Do away with costly remediation by using polymer coated foam tank pads’ environmentally friendly Interlocking tank pads. Installed on minimally prepared ground, they not only ease site preparation and reduce setup costs, but their surface is easily cleaned.

Polymer coated foam tank pads are the smart choice to minimize concerns for yourself and our environmentally aware society

Every tank pad is encapsulated with a two-component, rapid curing polymer coating. The signature design consists of three interlocking parts that eliminate strapping. All parts are universal, able to be interchanged as required, allowing for ease of shipping and installation.

Product Quality and Benefits

  • Consistently manufactured to ASTM specifications, then subjected to rigorous testing
  • Long-term installations prove strength and durability
  • Patented radius edge design ensures thicker coating on otherwise vulnerable edges
  • Easily cleaned
  • Eliminates ground contact
  • Polymer coating quickly sheds water
  • Lightweight expanded polystyrene core
  • Quickly installed and adjusted by a two-man team
  • No strapping required; interlocking parts maintain bond
  • All parts are universal
  • Insulating
  • Non-conductive; Non-corrosive
  • Rot and mold resistant
  • Manufactured to fit any tank size
  • Truckload quantities
  • Cone and Flat Bottom patented design