Extreme Plastics Plus (EPP) is an environmental containment company that specializes in providing environmental lining, above ground storage tanks, composite mats, secondary containment systems, and drilling support services. Our history, reliability, and quality of service are just as strong as the plastic we lay. We work meticulously on every project and with every client. Extreme Plastics Plus has installed over 300 million square feet of geosynthetic membrane environmental liner... Now that’s extreme.

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Extreme Plastics Plus began as a family-owned company in Oklahoma in 2007. We have since expanded our reach into nearly every basin in the US. Extreme has changed the landscape of the oil and natural gas industry through unmatched experience and old-fashioned hard work. We have established strong relationships with repeat customers and continue to maintain the foundational family values that let customers know when they bring their business to Extreme Plastics Plus, they’re getting the best oilfield environmental containment services--and it shows in both our work ethic and the end result.

In 2016, EPP paired with Blue Wolf Capital Partners to further expand the business to new heights. This partnership enables Extreme to enhance the overall value offerings for customers and to help distance ourselves from our competitors in the environmental containment field.

We work tirelessly to supply top-notch oilfield environmental containment-related installation services as well as to distribute a range of high-demand products for oil and natural gas exploration. Our “can-do” attitude and commitment to excellence set us apart in the energy industry, and have enabled us to grow into the corporation we are today.

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