Water containment has a new name: “Epic 360.” Extreme Plastics Plus has changed the way portable, above ground water is contained. Our Epic 360 line enables automatic leak detection to keep the environment protected. The Epic 360 saves time, manpower, and money, which allow sites to be up and running extremely fast. Traditional water supplies, such as frac tanks, require numerous trips to meet demand, and in-ground impoundments can take months to complete. Our system has a huge storage capacity, can be transported and set up in days, and only requires up to six truckloads as opposed to 120 plus for frac tanks. The Epic 360 can contain either freshwater or flowback/produced water--which can be used for the treatment or reuse and blending of recycled frac water.

Above Ground Storage Tanks
Above Ground Storage Tanks
Above Ground Storage Tanks
Above Ground Storage Tanks
Epic 360 install
Epic 360 install
Epic 360 panel hauling

The Epic 360 comes in sizes ranging from 10,000-60,000 BBL—that’s as much as 2,520,000 gallons! Our tanks are rated for use as both primary and secondary containment, which may be adjusted to fit any containment project need. 

Key Benefits:

  • Extremely fast setup (in days, rather than weeks)
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Reduced cost and increased savings
  • Reduced trucking needs by 95%
  • Adaptable (portable and above ground)
  • Secure bolt-together design
  • Electronic monitoring
  • One-stop-shop (installed and serviced by Extreme Plastics Plus)


  • Tanks welded by AWS certified D1.1 welders
  • Manufactured in the U.S. in an ISO-compliant facility
  • Constructed by Professional Engineers (PE)
  • Designed with a Safety Factor for three times the expected loads
  • Structural grade design is compliant with American Institure of Steel Construction (AISC) standards

Epic Options:

Diameter Capacity Gallons
76' 10,000 BBL 420,000
83' 12,000 BBL (primary or secondary containment) 504,000
115' 22,000 BBL 924,000
125' 26,000 BBL (primary or secondary containment) 1,092,000
153' 40,000 BBL 1,680,000
165' 46,000 BBL (primary or secondary containment) 1,932,000
191' 60,000 BBL 2,520,000

Typical Installation Steps:

  1. A layer of geotextile is installed initially to protect the liner from being punctured by rock.
  2. Polyethylene liner is installed over the textile to provide an impermeable membrane for the water to reside in.
  3. Utilizing heavy equipment and certified operators, the walls of the Epic 360 are set up in a matter of hours.
  4. The panels of the tanks are bolted together as they are set in place by crane.
  5. After the tank is bolted together completely, the liner is pulled up the walls and around the outside edges of the tank.
  6. The liner is then clamped to the top of the tank so that it is secure.
  7. Stairs, along with fill and discharge tubing, are added last, completing the installation process of the Epic 360.