Announcing — Spray Guard Liner

Posted April 28th, 2014

At Extreme Plastics Plus, we listen to our clients and cater to specific project needs by offering varieties that are both effective and efficient. Our original Spray Guard Liner is a product of just that. Spray Guard Liner is a polyurethane protective spray-on lining that is used for extra steel and concrete containment. It is designed to be a fast setting, rapid curing, flexible, aromatic, two-component spray which can either be applied to panels prior to delivery, or onsite. Our mobile state-of-the-art spray unit enables optimal monitoring of the spray operation and allows us to service clients quickly and efficiently. 

Spray Guard Liner comes in 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 series applications, each used for a different containment needs.

The 1000 series is applied to geotextile rolls, portable spill containment liners, and in-field seaming of mats. With a Shore A 87 hardness, over 2700 PSI tensile strength, 450% elongation, and tear strength of 570 PLI, this series has a proven formula for successful secondary containment.

The 2000 series provides similar protection to the 1000 for applications over geotextiles fabrics, but is ideally suited for colder weather seen in the winter months in the Marcellus/Utica Shale in PA, WV, and OH areas. With a Shore A 92 hardness, 2200 PSI tensile strength, 280% elongation, and tear strength of 210 PLI, this series has been successful in -5F without becoming brittle or cracked.

The 3000 series is made from a thermoplastic, closed-cell, lightweight, rigid-foam plastic called Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). Because of its low thermal conductivity and excellent shock absorption qualities, this series is ideal for tank pad coating. The series has a Shore D 57 hardness, 4000 PSI tensile strength, 250% elongation, and a tear strength of 400 PLI. It is sprayed to encapsulate the foam pads so that no petrochemicals can get inside to attack the foam tank pad. It also provides cushion for the tank to rest upon.

The 4000 series has a high solid, self-priming, direct-to-metal aliphatic polyurethane exterior coating. It is used on above ground storage tanks and secondary steel wall containment systems. It cures quickly in colder environments and is applied on the exterior walls, usually in accordance with 1000 on the interiors.

Our new product line, Spray Guard Liner, additionally includes: Steel Primer Fast Cure, Concrete Primer, and Spray Guard Patch.

Be sure to ask us about our Spray Guard Liner and the many other products and services we offer to meet your environmental containment needs!