We Measure Our Experience By the Millions.

Last year, we installed over 25 million square feet of liner. That's Extreme!


Who We Are

Our “can-do” attitude, proven experience, and extreme responsiveness is our formula for consistent project success.

At Extreme Plastics Plus, getting the job done isn’t enough. We get it done efficiently, safely, and in the timeframe you need — always with your project-specific needs in mind. We are a fully qualified oilfield service contractor, providing an extensive list of environmental lining services to the oilfield and other commercial markets.

Our “can-do” attitude and dedication to keeping our commitments set us apart in the industry. Tell us your needs, and we will come through. When you bring your business to Extreme Plastics Plus, you’re getting the best, and it shows in both our work ethic and the end result.

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Getting Extreme

Epic 360 Completed View

The Epic 360, Water Containment's Game Changer

Epic 360 - Picture 01

The construction process

Epic 360 - Picture 05

Preparing for the next panel of the container

Epic 360 - Picture 04

The scale of this container alone is Epic

Epic 360 - Picture 03

Aligning the panels of the Epic

Epic 360 - Picture 02

Tightening the bolts, securing the Epic 360

Epic 360 - Picture 01

Add the Epic 360 logo to the final container

Slideshow 09

LIning up the right path to roll it out.

Slideshow 08

We wrestle this plastic all day, turning our back when we win.

Slideshow 07

The bigger the project the better, we love a challenge.

Slideshow 06

Sizing up what is needed to complete the project

Slideshow 05

One roll at a time, we stop when the project is finished.

Slideshow 04

We roll out the Black Carpet...

Slideshow 03

Welding the seams together, and ensuring the durability of our work.

Slideshow 02

We work as a team quickly and efficiently.

Finishing up the final touches. Just another day in the office...